Backup Solutions

We all know that disasters happen..

It's broken again

If you don’t want to lose your documents, your music, or picture library it’s essential to have backups. Expert Geeks recommend you always have at least two copies of any data you want to hang on to.. Ideally three. Even if you go to the trouble of setting one up, if you forget to run it the backup and the worst happens your backup copy is out of date.

Treasured Memories
We can set up an automated backup solution that is appropriate to the amount of data you have to safeguard.. A relatively small amount of data (a few gigabytes) may be appropriate for a cloud-storage solution. When handling larger amounts of data or sensitive business data keeping the data ‘in-house’ may be more appropriate, secure and cost-effective.

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Whether you’ve got a few gigabytes of family photos or several terabytes of business data, you will feel happier knowing your data is safe.