Ok, so no-one likes paying for things they don’t actually need.. So why should you get your computer serviced?

Has your laptop or PC slowed to a crawl ? Does it take forever to start up ? Does your laptop feel like it’s a better heater than a computer ? Even when virus checkers and anti-spyware programmes report there’s no problem, you’re sure it’s still not right.. You’re not alone ! The performance of the Windows operating system is notorious for degrading over time. Simply through everyday use, over time the system accumulates various small problems with the net result the whole system gets bogged down and sluggish, leaving you getting increasingly frustrated whilst waiting for the computer… Sound familiar?

As well as problems that may be encountered with software, its essential that your hardware is also well maintained. Cooling problems can lead to overheating and if left unchecked, premature failure of major components like the CPU, Hard Drives and graphics card. Simply put, hot components fail faster than cool ones – if your computer is overheating this means it has a much shorter life-span and a more costly repair bill (or bills) later on. This is especially a problem for laptops where their compact nature means it’s much more difficult for them to lose heat from such a confined space. Optimising your display and other settings can greatly improve overall performance.

Leave it to the Geeks! Book your computer in for a full service & let us get your machine running as fast, and cool as possible ASAP – help your hardware live longer !